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The new age of tattooing

Maria Fernandez is a renowned tattoo-artist known all around the globe. She has tattooed thousand of people from everywhere and she was one of the first that develop the contemporary fine-line tattoo technique. Maria, like other tattoo artists marked  this last years, providing highly artistic tattoo-pieces that changed forever the perception people have about tattoos. Maria, saw many tattoo trends come and go in the past years. Here is Maria’s prediction about what to expect in 2020.

Did you predict a trend movement this year?

I think small detailed tattoos are getting more relevant. Many artists and clients are interested  in going smaller with their tattoos and I think this year we will see this tendency rise. 

What was your most tattooed motive this year?

Well, it is known that my flowers (particularly my roses and peonies) are very beloved, so I will say that roses were the motif that I tattooed more often this past year. Anyway I play a lot with my roses designs, sometimes just line-work , sometimes with shadings, dot-work and geometrical decoration. There are unlimited ways to present them, and my goal is always to make every tattoo look unique. 

Do you have motifs that you no longer like to tattoo because they are simply requested too often?

Not really,  I only say no when somebody asks for a copy of something I already did before, or even worse something that another tattooer did! As I already said the possibilities to draw something and keep it unique are wide enough! 

Anyway sometimes  I can´t accept many requests with a very similar  topic at a specific time of the year, that is not because I get bored of the motif, it is just a way to create a good  balance in my agenda. I love to mix different topics in my art (animals, portraits, landscapes, flowers, ornaments…) instead of concentrating on just one.

What is a trend and how does it develop?

I am not a fan of trends, and I like to think that people choose what they want regardless of what is fashionable at the moment. Anyway it is true that sometimes you see that some motifs or styles get suddenly highly requested. I think we could call this a trend. In this case trends have a lot to do with social media. Sometimes a particular design or tattoo goes viral and after that you see many people who got inspired about it and want to get something similar.

Do you think that colored tattoos will also be popular in 2020 again?

I think coloured tattoos never gets old, so yes definitely you will see a lot of them this year.  Anyway Black tattoos will remain at the top. They are very popular because black will always have a timeless touch.