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Every body tells a story – but will your employer let you?


We are all unique. We all have our own story. We are distinguished by our different traits and personality – so everybody it’s different. Everyone has unique desires and makes their own choices. Brown hair becomes blond, ears are being pierced and skin is getting inked. Nowadays most people have the privilege to decide to modify their predetermined traits and change their stories by altering their appearance. In conclusion, the decisions we take for our bodies do affect our lives.


Tattoos used to be part of the counterculture and associated with a negative lifestyle, but in the last few decades, the perception of tattooed people has slowly started to change. Tattoos have become a better accepted feature in the mainstream society and have therefore managed to spread out onto all ages, backgrounds and different lifestyles. And with that, they have become a part of almost every industry and workplace today.

Unfortunately, the prejudices attached to tattooed people have not completely faded away yet. This is why, many of us still ask ourselves if getting a tattoo will lower our chances of getting a job.«Are my dreams going to be conditioned by this decision?»It’s no surprise that when you google the words «tattoo» and «work», the more numerous and relevant results are about people asking if you are allowed to be tattooed at all at their workplace.

But what does the law say?

According to the current law, your employer does have the right to impose a specific type of dress-code if he has a justified reason to do so. Justified reasons being: work safety and/or the image of the company being affected by it. So people in the «customer service» area are surely the most affected by this, since their employer would be allowed to ask them to hide their tattoos.For example, you will probably not see any public employees at a bank with visible tattoos. On the other hand, if you could see the people working inside the bank office, that don’t get in contact with customers, you might see a lot more tattoos.
The fact is that depending on where is it that you want to work, you should think about the placement of your body art very well.

We, the Alchemists, hope that in the future individualisms will emerge even more and that someday, everyone will be able to express themselves in the way they want to, wherever they want to.Because everyone has the right to tell their own story, their own way.